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Evolvix: accurate modeling made easier

Evolvix is pioneering the first general-purpose programming language designed by biologists for biologists. This is not your typical programming language website. We have an early prototype ready for download. However, the larger goal of this website is to build awareness for the unique approach required to design a programming language made for biology. Why is this different? Biology thrives on:
  • Long-term backwards compatibility
  • User-friendly syntax made for experimental biologists
  •  Built-in capabilities to ease coding challenges unique to biology

Current Prototype

The current prototype of Evolvix makes it easy to efficiently record time series from simulations. For example, the following two time series plots are produced by the same Evolvix model, but simulated by two different modeling methods. The two plots represent a predator-prey model that predicts how many predators and prey organisms will exist at any point in the future. Simulations are based on rates of birth and death of predators and prey and their interactions.
The plot on the left was produced by a method assuming half an organism is alive (as in deterministic ordinary differential equations).
The plot on the right is from a method that assumes in-divisible 'individual' organisms (as in stochastic simulation algorithms that treat half an organism as dead - making random effects unavoidable).

Oscillating systems are frequent in biology, from molecular circadian clocks to predator-prey systems. This time series is computed as if the system was deterministic, ignoring all possible sources of variability.Oscillations in stochastic systems can deviate substantially from what would be expected in an equivalent deterministic system


Evolvix greatly simplifies switching between these two methods of simulation for any given model.



What makes Evolvix unique?


 Evolvix is a new model description language and modeling platform that is shaped by Evolvix Thinkers using an approach specifically developed for this purpose: the Flipped Programming Language Design approach.

In the cartoon-comparison below we highlight the differences between Evolvix and a more traditional approach to programming language design:


A brief overview of the unconventional approach to designing the general-purpose programming capabilities of Evolvix.


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