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FF - FeedbackFlow - form for faster processing

Feedback on specific Concepts in Evolvix is collected here to make it easier to bundle it for concise delivery to Concept Reviewers.

Please do not hesitate to provide feedback in any form.

If you would like to help us to presort the feedback, then please

Indicate below the Concept you are commenting on.

Alternatively, use the other forms on the Contact page for more general comments, ideas, bugs, user stories, feature wish lists, and more.


Concepts that apply   Please check the Concepts you are commenting on, even if you only comment on a Formalism used for representing the Concept. If possible, please submit one FF message for each Concept.
Do you need a reply by a deadline?
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Submitting this form will generate an email directly to Laurence Loewe, which is marked for special attention to ensure that emails in this FeedbackFlow are not lost. However, sometimes it is much easier and informative to discuss problems with concepts or formalism directly. If you are interested in providing more in-depth feedback in that way, please still use the mechanism above to give us a head's up. Otherwise, here are some relevant contact details to set up time for discussing details:


Laurence Loewe, Assistant Professor  

Laboratory of Genetics and Wisconsin Institute for Discovery at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Mailing address:   330 North Orchard Street,  Madison,  WI,  53715,  USA

Tel: +1(608)-316-4324