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Welcome to Evolvix!

Evolvix exists to make rigorous modeling easy.

What is Evolvix?

Evolvix is a new model description language specification and an associated modeling platform that is currently being designed to be:

  • Simple: makes it easy for humans to read and build rigorous computational models  
  • Automated: makes computers do as much of scientific analyses as possible
  • Educational: helps to introduce non-quantitative students to modeling with an exceptionally clear syntax
  • Professional: satisfies demands of professional researchers by enabling applicability to diverse problems
  • Multi-Discipline: built by biologists with biology in mind, yet designed flexibly for modeling applications in any field

This can be summarized in the vision of Evolvix


Evolvix exists to make rigorous modeling easy


Highest level overview of Evolvix.

More on Evolvix 

Evolvix is at a very early stage of development. We have a prototype that is usable for people with patience who want to compute selected time series for arbitrarily complicated mass action models (e.g. in biochemistry or ecology or some other discipline). If this is what you want to do and don't mind telling us about any problems you might have with the prototype, then feel free to check out what Evolvix can do for you and the tutorial. Below is more on background and design choices driving long-term development of Evolvix.


What can Evolvix do for you? Evolvix can help you think. It shows the consequences you can expect if a certain set of conditions are true for your model. Our current prototype may already help you with some of these modeling needs, but if you expect a polished product, then you may want to wait.
Screenshots A few sample plots of results produced by Evolvix.
How does Evolvix work? A brief glimpse into what you do and what Evolvix does during modeling.
How do I get started? A step by step tutorial.
Who is developing Evolvix? The core developer team works at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is  supported by NSF.
Why does Evolvix exist? Key forces driving development of Evolvix in a nutshell: math matters and abstractions are an art.
Evolvix System design overview  A very high-level overview of the design of the Evolvix System and how it links to Evolution@home.
Evolvix vision Spelling out our vision for developing Evolvix.
Development For developers and those who might consider helping us with testing our prototypes.
Occasional News We focus on research and development, not on news, so updates are not frequent. We will report major milestones and new releases.
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