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Evolvix 0.3.0 RC1 improves viewing simulation results

After adding a prototypic graphical user interface, Evolvix now has a much quicker way of viewing simulation results.

The latest Evolvix Release 0.3.0 RC1 now has a much more comfortable QuestRunResults Viewer built into its graphical user interface. It can provide you with a much quicker overview of your latest simulation results. These changes are a substantial improvement that has now been added to the prototypic graphical user interface that was first released as part of Evolvix 0.3.0-beta back in October 2014. 


When interactively exploring the structure and dynamics of simulation models, researchers often spend much time exploring preliminary simulation results to compare them to other preliminary results. Such work is important for understanding the nature of a model, finding potential modeling errors and identifying the high-level results that are worth sharing with others.

The latest release candidate of Evolvix 0.3.0 (RC1) implements much improved QuestRunViewer windows that facilitate quick overviews of many observed TimeSeries. They now show as small previews in a column on the left that can be scrolled through easily . The standard arrow navigation keys (up-down) allow selecting easily, which of the small previews will be shown in the big plot window above the window displaying the code that generated the results.

To facilitate annotating which results are useful to keep around, it is now easier than ever to add comments to the active QuestRunViewer. Annotations are stored with their QuestRun and enable documenting successes or marking uninteresting runs for deletion.

Errors are everywhere in programming. Evolvix now provides an explicit error message if something went wrong with a QuestRun. The rudimentary error reporting introduced for the WebGUI is a small but important step on the long road to providing users of Evolvix with easily understandable diagnoses of what went wrong. From now on, there is no need to guess, whether Evolvix found a problem when running a Quest.  

Finally, improvements to the layout of the QuestRunViewer window make it more flexible and easier to use.