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Evolvix Release 0.2.0 RC1

Finally a 64 bit Windows 7 compile that no longer depends on an existing VisualStudio installation!

A reason to celebrate a small but important victory in our big war with compiler switches: Seth got the Windows Version of Evolvix to compile as a 64 bit "Release" version. May not sound like much, but it's actually huge.


From now on Windows users can install Evolvix without having to first install some big bulky program they don't need (unless they are programmer already).


The release candidate 1 can be found in the Download folder or more directly here:


            Evolvix 0.2.0 RC1 for Windows 7 (64 bit):        Download is ca. 4MB.


This makes Evolvix so much easier to install on Windows, while Evolvix itself is still a prototype. However, exciting big changes are happening under the hood right now. More to follow...