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Evolvix Release 0.3.0 Beta has first GUI

This latest Evolvix Release prepares the way for more advances to come.

While Evolvix is still far from the rock solid stability and general functionality we aim to deliver, we have been working on an exciting advance that we want to share:


Evolvix now has a prototypical graphical user interface!


Thanks to Tanner Engbretson, who joined the team this year in order to develop such an interface. Now, once you start Evolvix, your web browser will open a window that gives you direct access to

  • the documentation.
  • basic Quest management facilities (export, import, ...).
  • an editor that is integrated into your browser window.
  • a run-button, which you just need to hit in order to run the quest you entered.
  • a results viewer window that will show an overview of the results plotted with potential error messages and a bit of the relevant Quest source code.
  • easy ability to trash lots of useless simulation runs to keep only those results that matter.
  • a cool annotation feature that makes it easy to mark the results of a QuestRun as useful or not.
  • everything runs on your machine locally, so no need for an Internet connection for using Evolvix (and yes, the node webserver that serves the Evolvix pages only serves them locally).


There is still a way to go before everything in the Browser User Interface will have found its place and there is even more work to be done behind the scenes. However we thought some of you may find this new web interface useful on occasions, where you do not need further command-line scripting capabilities.

We have also introduced some changes to the Evolvix syntax in order to increase the consistency with the future features of Evolvix that we are working on and that will increase the general expressivity. So careful, the few bits of old code you may have will not work as is. However, the changes are simple and explained in the manual.

At the moment the CommandLine version ("CL") and the Graphical User Interface version ("GUI") of Evolvix come in separate bundles and use incompatible simulation results storage facilities, so spare yourself the trouble and do not switch (not impossible, but tedious). Also, there is much to be streamlined to reduce file sizes.


We are already working on the next features:

- improved TimeSeries generation

- consolidated layout for how simulation results are stored

- and of course many invisible, but essential features like a good build system, data structures and storage facilities....


This is a public beta release and if you want to provide feedback, please do: we are certainly very interested.