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Evolvix 0.2.0 Release - finally here

It now brings a much more better documentation to your installation folder.

Much better documented and much more cleaned up: Here is the definitive release of Evolvix 0.2.0, which bundles all developments of Evolvix up to the point, when the decision was made to add general programming capabilities.

That makes this our most usable release so far. It particularly excels in respect to extracting TimeSeries data out of simulations.

The next release will have substantially expanded capabilities that follow from the decision to add general programming language capabilities to Evolvix (see conceptional details here) . These will require small changes in the syntax available in Evolvix 0.2.0. That is where you notice that Evolvix is still in the prototype stadium.

However, if you need a simulator that deterministically or stochastically produces time series data from an underlying mass action model and are happy to analyze the data yourself, then Evolvix 0.2.0 already delivers substantial benefits. Especially if you need to extract particular time series features and do not want to store large amounts of time series data.

Everything else will have to wait for future releases. We are already working on the next set of exciting features.



The image shows a phase diagram for the predators from two independently models run in parallel. You can reproduce this figure by running the default model in the Evolvix 0.2.0 release download.