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High-level overview of some aspects of the Evolvix modeling language
Overview: Stable by DesignFlip
Simplicity is key. Finding it is hard. Here is more about the complicated details. An important change in the approach to developing Evolvix was the adoption of the flipped programming language design approach. It turns out to be essential for the mission of Evolvix to simplify accurate modeling for biology.
Evolvix needs Flipped Programming Language Design
Evolvix exists to make it easier for biologists to accurately model the systems they study. To meet this mission, we needed a new approach for designing programming languages in a stable way. Here we provide an overview.
Modeling Overview
Evolvix is first and foremost a modeling language. This one-page poster tutorial provides you with an idea of how a simple predator prey model might be implemented in a prototype Evolvix syntax.
Evolvix Output Plots
Evolvix models produce time series when simulated, which are best understood when plotted.