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Modeling Overview

Evolvix is first and foremost a modeling language. This one-page poster tutorial provides you with an idea of how a simple predator prey model might be implemented in a prototype Evolvix syntax.

Getting started with Evolvix

 Please note: While the major ideas on this poster have stood the test of time so far, the same cannot be said about all syntax details on this poster. For example, a number of curly brackets on this poster have been replaced by round brackets already, user given names such as 'Lynx' that currently have no prefix will require a dot as prefix punctuation (".Lynx") in the next version of Evolvix and the TimeSeries syntax is set to change as well. There are a number of such changes that need to be made and that require thorough usability review from a user and language designer point of view. Much of the corresponding review has been done and awaits implementation, while other aspects of the current Evolvix architecture still require review.
Please get in touch if you would like to help with reviewing.

This poster as PDF in poster size for printing.