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POST: the Project Organization Stabilizing Tool system Homepage

Updates and overview of the POST system that was developed for taming the complexity challenges faced in Evolvix development.

This page is reports the latest developments in designing, implementing, improving and using the POST System, the 





(POST) System that scales with a project. A project can start small as a single POSTbox (1 folder organized by using POST System principles) and grow at its own pace up to a large POSTnet using many POSTbox folders for organizing large projects. It has been published as part of the Evolvix BEST Names paper in the Jan 2017 issue of the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences that also introduced the BigKnowledge2Use challenge (see 74 page supplemental material). In addition to being extremely useful at taming the organizational complexity in computational biology (and other) projects, POST is also an example for use of the BEST Names concept in developing Evolvix.


Please find all details of the POST System ReviewedRelease Version 1 (short: POST_RRv1) below:


Please download from POST Documents Folder.


We are currently in the process of reviewing and improving the POST system, before incrementally locking in various decisions as we integrate them into our sources while implementing various aspects of Evolvix.

We welcome your feedback, regardless whether you consider yourself beginner or power user, since we use the Flipped Programming Language Design Approach for improving POST.

Please use this website's contact form to get into contact with us if you would like to contribute to this effort or if you have any questions.