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Older Downloads: Evolvix Release 0.3.0-beta1

Evolvix 0.3.0 has been released as beta. It extends the previous command line capabilities by a corresponding web-browser interface.

If you want to see quickly what the following programs can produce, check out the screenshots and the tutorial poster.


Documentation only download

Our documentation is not perfect, but we've made quite a bit of progress that may be worth sharing as work in progress. If you want to get the current documentation of Evolvix that is included with the application binaries, but without having to download the binaries too, you can find here a zipped folder of html-webpages:

There you will find the essentials to help you get started and more. The same content is available as a PDF:

And here is a demo file of working Evolvix source code for a toy model, which goes beyond the minimalist hello world by using some of the time-series observation, documentation and attribution infrastructure we are developing. You can start modifying this by adding your own Actions and focusing the time series on reporting the Parts you find interesting.


This software is an early prototype. 

Like all very early stage prototype software you will find that this code will have all sorts of rough edges, which we could not polish yet. Please bear with us; we are doing what we can to make Evolvix more user friendly. We have tested some core functionality, but that may not be extensive enough for your use. As with most software, this comes with no guarantees whatsoever and you use it entirely at your own risk.

If you find any problems with Evolvix or have questions about it, please submit your findings via the contact form on this website. If you would like to become an alpha tester for new releases, please let us know. Thank you for your patience and for your help. 


Comment on current release

Having said all the above, Evolvix 0.3.0 release is our best distribution so far. It brings a graphical user interface, but it breaks backwards compatibility to make future syntax more consistent and easier to learn.

The improved documentation makes it much easier to use its most exciting features, especially the time series query syntax. Those bits that do work, do so very well, so if you have a mass-action-only model that you want to turn into simulated time series that you then analyze yourself, then Evolvix 0.3.0 can deliver a lot of value and we started using this for our own simulations in research. Just read in the documentation, which files go where and then you can script your own analysis machinery around that.

However, if you want a more polished experience, you should wait. We are working on the next set of features to expand both the range of models and the analyses that can be done with them along with ease of use. We are also cleaning up our code in preparation for making it open source.

More news about the current release is here. At the moment the CommandLine version ("CL") and the Graphical User Interface version ("GUI") of Evolvix come in separate bundles and use incompatible simulation results storage facilities, so spare yourself the trouble and do not try to switch (not impossible, but tedious). So, decide first which version you want to work with more. If you want to develop your own scripts or need direct access to the simulation results, you need to use the CommandLine version.


Downloading Evolvix ...

  1. Decide if you want to work through a graphical web-browser window or through the command-line. Then go to the corresponding section below. Try to stick to your choice for a modeling project to avoid the hassle of moving data from one form of storage to another. 
  2. If you continue to download Evolvix, you thereby indicate that you agree to the (Open Source Software) License that governs the use of Evolvix. It basically acknowledges the many capable programmers on who's work we have built and explains that you use Evolvix entirely at your own risk.
  3. Clicking the links below, directly downloads the files they link to. If you want to see these files in their folder before deciding whether to download, go here, where you will also find archives with some older files.
  4. Once downloaded, move the download to where you want Evolvix and all its simulation results to be stored (e.g. in a folder dedicated to your research).
  5. Unzip the downloaded package. This creates a folder that contains everything that this Evolvix installation needs. Evolvix also stores all data in this folder (and should never affect any files outside of that folder).
  6. Before you do anything serious, learn how to run the Default_Quest. It should produce a TimeSeries plot that does not take very long to compute. If you can see that plot, the installation worked.


Download Evolvix 0.3.0-beta with a Webbased Graphical User Interface

For those who want maximal ease of use:

Evolvix WebGUI 0.3.0_Beta1 Release for Mac OSX 10.9:                                                    Download is ca. 37.4 MB.


Evolvix  WebGUI 0.3.0_Beta1 Release for Windows 7 (64 bit):                                             Download is ca. 26 MB.


Download Evolvix 0.3.0-beta for the CommandLine

For those who want maximal access to the data and configurability to run their own scripts:

Evolvix CommandLine 0.3.0_Beta1 Release for RedHat Linux (RHEL_6.5, 64 bit):              Download zip is ca. 14.5 MB. 


Evolvix CommandLine 0.3.0_Beta1 Release for Ubuntu Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 64 bit):   Download zip is ca. 11 MB.


Evolvix CommandLine 0.3.0_Beta1 Release for Mac OSX 10.9:                                            Download is ca. 3.7 MB.


Evolvix CommandLine 0.3.0_Beta1 Release for Windows 7 (64 bit):                                     Download is ca. 3.3 MB.



Older Evolvix Downloads (not recommended)

If you happen to have an operating system that is not supported by the latest releases above, then you might want to consider exploring some of the older packages below. However please note that Evolvix development is very fluid at this point in time and there is no guarantee of backwards compatibility before Version 1.0.  Clicking the links below, directly downloads the files they link to. If you want to see these files in their folder before deciding whether to download, go here.


Evolvix 0.1.6 ALPHA for Mac OSX 10.7:                                     Download is ca. 7MB.   (only for demo purposes; model sources no longer compatible to latest release)