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Readme file

Installation instructions and help for getting started.

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File contents

Hello and welcome to Evolvix.

For a quick quide on how to get started using Evolvix, check out the 
file named: "How to Use Evolvix.pdf"

This package comes with one example file: "Default_Quest.Evolvix.txt"

For more models and information on how to use Evolvix, please refer to 
the website where you downloaded this package from.  All up-to-date
information and the latest models can be found there.

This software is an early prototype 

Like all very early alpha stage software you will find that this code will have all 
sorts of rough edges and all sorts of issues associated with it that we did not yet 
have the time to work out. Please bear with us; we will do what we can to make this 
more user friendly.

The core functionality for the course has been tested and should work.

If you find any problems with this code, please post your findings on
the corresponding "Evolvix" forum on the course website.

Thank you for your patience and for your help. 

Important notice on how to run this on Windows 7.

Currently this version is only available in a so called "Debug" version that requires 
the installation of some additional software in order to run. 

You do not need to run this additional software, however, it will install some code
that is currently used by Evolvix, whenever Evolvix is started. So all that is needed
is for this software to be on your machine.  

Details: You need 

    "Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop"
which you can get for free from Microsoft at:

This download will allow you to install the entry version of their developer tools
and will allow you to use them for 30 days. 

After 30 days the software will demand a registration key if you start it. We are not
sure, whether that will also impact the libraries that are needed for Evolvix to run. 
In any case, the registration is free of charge and you can ask in the course, whether
there are other solutions by then that could be recommended for ensuring that you will
have access to Evolvix. 

Important notice on how to run this on Mac OSX

This version is currently available in compiled form for
    - Mac OSX 10.8 ("Mountain Lion")
    - Mac OSX 10.7 ("Lion")
Please use the correspondingly compiled version. 
There might be a chance to compile this for 
    - Mac OSX 10.6 ("Snow Leopard")
If this could be very helpful to you, please contact
the developers and we will see what we can do.

Known issues:

1.  The sequence of statements in the TimeSeries statement is fixed.
    You can omit statements, but not yet move them around. For now you will need to know
    the sequence for these conditional filters. 
    Like with all other evolvix code, the best way to write this at the moment is to 
    use some example code that you can copy, paste and modify.
2.  The TimeSeries Ignore clause can lead to early stops.
    At the moment you cannot yet use the "Ignore above..." or "Ignore below..." clauses in 
    the TimeSeries statement with the deterministic simulator. This combination will lead
    to an early stop of the whole simulation, whenever any of the parts actually would be 
    crossing that boundary. 
    Internally, this is caused by a function analyzing roots that is not yet implemented properly. 
3.  Do not use comments of any type inside of the TimeSeries statement. 
    A known deficiency in the parser will handle some of these comments in the wrong way. 
    Thus, no convenient commenting out of single lines of the TimeSeries statement.