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Evolvix User Manual and Overview of Other Documentation

Installing Evolvix will install the Evolvix User Manual too. Here you can explore it before you install. is a stable landing page, where you will always find pointers to Evolvix User Manuals and other documentation that you may find useful if you already work with Evolvix or plan on doing so. As Evolvix keeps evolving, this page serves as a spring board for finding the latest instructions as well as manuals for earlier variants.


Evolvix Prototype User Manual

Currently, the Evolvix User Manual of Evolvix Prototype 0.3 is available in the following forms:

These manuals are mostly up-to-date; details will be tested again and updated with the next release of Evolvix.


Evolvix Concepts under development for future releases

As discussed elsewhere on this site, Evolvix is undergoing massive changes internally in order to accommodate the implementation of general purpose programming capabilities. In principle, this will not affect the availability of the efficient concurrent computing abstraction of Parts and Actions that is already available in Evolvix now (ignoring some minor syntax changes and a few extensions). The following links point to some of the new concepts that inform ongoing development work and are not automatically installed along with the User Manual above: