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Precursors to BEST Names

A list of work related to BEST Names, before the concept was developed.
Parameters for Muller's ratchet models in Simulator005 of evolution@home
Simulator005 simulates population genetics models on the evolution@home global computing network. To minimize the time spent on tracking the meaning of simulated model parameters, an approach similar to the BEST Names concept was used.
Combo Names in Systems Biology Models
Idea: to help match the cryptic brief names of many systems biology model variables, they could be extended by a summarizing explanation to form a "Combo Name" that reduces the pattern-matching work required for reading many systems biology models from a biological perspective.
File Octet Stream 2008: Designing a Front-End for Bio-PEPA
This very simple exploratory paper summarizes a number of interesting ideas in a nutshell - some of which are still developing.