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Evolvix Thinkers Overview

Evolvix Thinkers impact architecture, design, and development of Evolvix directly or indirectly in many ways. Here are some important initial Evolvix Thinkers.

The following Evolvix Thinkers are among those who have impacted the development of Evolvix in a great many profound ways, far beyond what can be described here at the moment. In due time, their list will be made as complete as possible and the stories of their contributions will be told as appropriately as possible. For now, only two words remain

Thank You!

with infinitely many grateful overtones for:

  • Kate Scheuer
  • Seth Keel
  • Ben Liblit
  • Ines Dutra
  • Vaibhav Vyas
  • Dinesh Thangavel
  • Iratxo Flores-Lorca
  • Tanner Engbretson
  • Kurt Ehlert
  • Anthony Pietsch
  • Christine Javid
  • Cecilia Moog
  • Jocelyn Meyer
  • Jerdon Dresel
  • Lea Rogers
  • Mentewab Ayalew
  • ...
  • and many others that will be listed as soon as this page grows into what it ought to be in order to appropriately acknowledge the varied contributions of all Evolvix Thinkers who left a dent in its design or development.

An integral goal of the Evolvix design and development process is to ensure that it can still be recognized as reasonably coherent by a single human brain after becoming really useful over the long term. To this end, all long-term architectural design decisions, anything that can impact long-term backwards compatibility, as well as changes affecting long-term usability and computational correctness currently require review by Laurence Loewe, the main architect of Evolvix. The most important task of the main architect is to guard Evolvix against inessential complexity and to give those a voice at the design-table, who would not dare to believe that they ought to have a voice. What this means in practice is spelled out in more detail by the Flipped Programming Language Design approach.